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You want to be successful and profitable in your business, right? I teach proven business methods to solopreneurs and micro businesses ( 1-2 employees) like you who need help heading in the right direction.

You want to avoid costly mistake and instead, put money in your pocket by attracting your dream client and making lots of sales.

I know it can be overwhelming trying to run a successful business. There are so many decisions to be made. You need help learning to make the right ones.

You dream of being your own boss, experiencing financial freedom and making a difference in the lives of others. Owning your own business can turn that dream into a reality if you follow my proven formulas for business success.


michele lennon

Michele Lennon is a business strategist for solopreneurs and micro businesses (1-2 employees) who want to learn the right formulas for business success.  She has started and grown 4 successful businesses over the last 20 years. She is an education junkie and loves to learn everything she can and then share that with her students and clients. Michele loves to teach group classes, webinars, and online courses relating to business start-up and growth and development. She focuses on helping entrepreneurs avoid making costly mistakes that most other failing businesses repeatedly make.

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10 Habits of Highly Successful Business Owners

There are common threads sewn among the most successful entrepreneurs. These threads are what keep them strong, growing and eager to get back to running their business the ever day. Passion, drive, and purpose are among these threads. There are also habits all of...

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Top Mistakes to Avoid as a New Entrepreneur

There's an eraser on the end of a pencil for a reason; we all make mistakes. Some mistakes are simple fixes while others can have lasting effects. I don't want you to make the kind of mistakes that have lasting effects on your business, so you'll need to know what...

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Wearing Too Many Hats in Business Can Lead to Burnout

As a new business owner, you tend to wear many hats and you cover a lot of different departments; marketing, sales, customer service, public relations and even the janitorial department (someone has to clean the toilets, right?) There's a big problem with wearing all...

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