I bet you hear all the time “If you’re going to start a business, start something relating to technology.”

This certainly is the age of all things techy; tools, gadgets, toys and so much more. You probably own multiple things that take batteries or require a charge at least once a day (phones, tablets, drones).

I’m going to step out on a limb here and tell you to go against the new age way of thinking, lets go old school!

I always was the one to be a rebel and go against the norm!

The tried and true skilled trades or personal service based businesses are still in need. Your Ipod isn’t going to be able to unclog your jammed up toilet, your phone isn’t going to make the electricity come back on when the fuse box blows and that stylish hairdo certainly isn’t going to look so hot when your drone gets done with it. The simple truth, we still need people, humans to do those skilled trades.

Mike Rowe TV host for Dirty Jobs and founder of www.mikeroweWORKS.com, says “America is in the midst of a skilled labor shortage. ( Dawn Dugan, Salary.com) There has never been a better time to learn a skilled trade and use it to earn a living.

If you already have a skill (or you’re willing to learn a new skill) and others need your help, it seems like a win win, to me. Why not earn a living by using the skills you have (or could learn) and be your own boss while your at it?

Put your skills to great use serving others!

I see the same dilemma all the time. A person with good quality skills sitting in a call center because the couldn’t find a job they really wanted. We are talking about plumbers, personal trainers, hairstylists, pet care providers, teachers, graphic artists… the list goes on and on. Don’t get me wrong a call center is… ummm, well… forget it, I’m not going to sugar coat it, for me it stunk! I hated every minute of it until I did something about. 20 years ago I quit on my birthday and perused my passion working with animals which fueled my desire to start my first pet services business. I used the skills I had learned about animal care and turned them into a business of my own, a way to put food on my table and pay my bills.

The great thing about learning a skilled trade is that generally there isn’t a ton of college education you need. Typically learning a skilled trade is done through apprenticeships or skill trade schools, meaning you save thousands and thousands of dollars you would have otherwise spent to go to a large college where you’re required to take a slew of classes that don’t always relate to the field of study you entered. (Good ol’ college digging deep into people’s pockets.) Just to clarify, if you go the college route you can still learn a skilled trade and open a business, you can still go to college and find a rewarding job working for someone else too, but, many people want to be the boss not the employee and they don’t have a ton of money to spend on college tuition.

On average someone could spend $127, 000 for a 4 year college degree vs. $30,000 for a trade school. Apprenticeship programs are even less expensive. In addition you have to factor in the interest rate on a education loan, that could bring that $127,000 college tuition closer to $154,000 due to 4% interest rate paid over the course of the next decade.

The money you saved learning a skilled trade instead of going to college can now be applied to your start-up. Now you’ll be able to start your business sooner rather than later.

You’ll be the owner of your own business and future. Think of this as job or business owner security. 


When large corporations are closing and jobs are being outsourced you’ll still be working and earning an income without having to worry about losing your job or how your going to bring in an income. 

Service based businesses/ skilled trade businesses allow you to work on a smaller scale to start and grow your business as time, money and need allows. During many apprenticeship programs you’ll also learn some basic business start-up tips. You’ll then need some easy to learn additional start-up dos and don’ts relating to marketing, managing your business and rocking at stellar customer service. That’s where Launch Success, LLC comes in, we can help you start, run and grow your first business all while learning how to avoid costly start-up mistakes. Here’s a list of Top Business Mistakes to Avoid As a New Entrepreneur, this will help you get started.

You can even start by offering your services part time or on a limited basis in the beginning. Some people take their skilled trades and turn them into a side business while they still work their full time job. A lot of people just wanted a little extra cash and know the importance of saving as much as possible for retirement.

Don’t knock the skilled trades route as a way to start your a business. I know many happy fulfilled people that run their successful businesses with only the skills they learned through trade schools or apprenticeship programs. They offer services we need everyday. Thank goodness because trying to cut my own hair would be a hilarious comedy routine, resulting in a style that could only be described as the Edward Scissor Hands of Haircuts. (Although he did work at that beauty shop didn’t he?)

If you’ve ever thought of starting your own business but weren’t sure where to start, I recommend taking a look at the skills you already have. We can turn any skill into a thriving business with the right plan in place especially if its a well written Business Plan.

Check out this free mini course; Biz Idea Brainstorming for inspiration and start-up ideas based on your hidden skills or skilled trades you’ve been hoping to put to good use to start your own business!

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What’s your skilled trade?