Do you dream of running a highly successful business with a steady flow of clients, sales, and profits?


If only that dream was a reality right this very minute!

But right now you’re unsure how to get started, frustrated, struggling to find a way to make extra money and you’re unsure how to make that business dream happen today.

You’re ready to learn my insider secrets to becoming successfully self-employed! 

You’re ready to be your own boss and rock at marketing, sales, operations and attracting dream clients. 

I want to teach you how to:

=> Master marketing so you can increase and attract more phenomenal dream clients

=> Increase the dollars $$ in your pockets and bank accounts

=> Learn to avoid the costly mistakes that bring most businesses to the brink of failure

=> Say “Goodbye, get outta here and never come back!” to business frustration, worry, and overwhelm

=> Be able to kick back, relax and know deep down you’ve got this business thing under control




 Self-employment is super rewarding and when done right can be phenomenally profitable!

Because when you master running your own business, you’ll make more money, help more people and see to it that the dream of being your own boss and running your own company can be your everyday reality!

You’ll learn all about:

  • Brainstorm your business idea
  • Cover the killer sales technique
  • Determine whether to give discounts or not
  • Fine tune your tracking and goal setting skills
  • Build the best business plan ever (the one that gets a “YES” from a financial lender)
  • Create a policies and procedures checklist
  • Take the ‘scary” out of tech stuff
  • Master marketing and branding
  • Set up your site
  • Promote your grand opening
  • Determine what exactly you will offer your clients (service, product or both)
  • Decide on who your ideal client is and the best way to attract them
  • Locate the best spot to open a business
  • Hire your first employee
  • Network with like minded people
  • Excel at 5 star customer service
  • Handle your first grumpy customer (it’s inevitable every business has at least one)

If you're ready to become self-employed and be your own boss then check out these resources and take the first step!

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But, maybe you’re on the fence

and feeling a little nervous…

I was in your shoes before, I totally know how you’re feeling. Long ago I had no clue how to start a business and even after I opened I was frustrated my business wasn’t making me more money.  I spent countless hours in classes, tons of research and lots of trial and error before I figured out the formula for a successful business. You don’t have to go through all that.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve started 4 businesses from the ground up. Each one has taught me valuable lessons in running a business; marketing, branding, goal setting and tracking, sales, customer service and so much more. My last business was my absolute favorite, The Dog Gym, and the one I excelled the most at. We took a ‘never before seen’ concept and turned it into an overnight success; far exceeding our goal projections and bringing in over six figures in less than 1 year.

Michele Lennon Standing
Michele Lennon Writing

All of my students

were in the same boat as you

They were nervous, frustrated, overwhelmed and worried they weren’t going to be able to make it in the entrepreneurial world. They didn’t know they first thing about becoming self-employed, opening or running a business. Many of them didn’t even know what kind of business they wanted to open until we discovered what their true passions, hidden talents, and skills were.

After working with me they own all sorts of successful businesses like grooming salons, fitness and training studios, photography studios, consulting businesses, cafes, bakeries, repair shops, crafting companies and so much more; just about every niche is covered, and they offer both services and products too.

I want to share all that I know with you so you too can start, grow and love your business without all the struggle, confusion and frustration! I am looking forward to teaching you all about taking your ideas and turning them into a profitable business.

When you’re done you’ll be a rock star at running your own business, increasing your sales, attracting your dream clients and be a master at marketing. You’ll be less stressed and overwhelmed when you learn all the tips and tricks to making your business run smoother and become more profitable! You’ll be so happy you made the move to self-employment!


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